May 2022 - Rotorcon® Special Rare Earth Concentrate Container.

Another Member of the CRS Rotorcon®, (rotatable container) is released to the Global market. 

 This particular 2000mm high container was specially developed for the Rare Earth industry. 

So well received by end users who use the CRS Rotainer® the globally recognised 'Container Rotator-Tippler' that several new clients will come on board in the very near future utilising this container for their upcoming projects.

The Rotorcon® brand with its patented 'Whale Bone' rib structure with its heavy duty flat lid was specifically formulated in 2010 from the ground up for maximum strength, longevity, durability and flexibility.

  Rotorcon's unique internal tub design is the industry leader when it comes to reducing carry back with dust minimisation, negating the need for costly misting systems. 

CRS's Rotorcon® is the only container designed from the ground up for the arduous conditions associated high performance container rotators.

CRS's optional Ezzelid®, Patent Pending self opening lid system is available for all CRS container systems.

CRS Forward Thinking - Better Results

May 2022 - Delivery Milestone

CRS - Celebrating 10th Australian Delivery 

CRS is proud to announce that it has delivered their10th Rotainer® into the Australian Market since the very first Rotainer® H.D was delivered to D.P World Terminal, Port Adelaide in 2010.

This 10th unit will be headed to a project in Broken Hill to handle mineral sands.

This unit will be supplied with our 4th generation Lid Lifting system. 

CRS is the Global Leaders in Lid Lifting Systems with various models for 360 & 180 degree Container Rotators. 

90% of Rotainers Delivered into the Australian Market have had CRS's Lid Lifting Systems installed to meet Environmental requirements.

CRS's Lid Lifting systems offer the flexibility to develop specialised Lid Lid Systems to meet our client needs.

CRS Forward Thinking - Better Results 

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