December - 2020 Rotainer® Eurospec 42 VA (Variable Arms) Commissioned

2020 has been a challenging year for all, considering this, CRS is pleased to announce the commissioning of another new, innovative container rotator system.

The first 'The Rotainer Eurospec MH42 VA' (variable arms) as been successfully commissioned in Russia.  

This is the 2nd Rotainer MH 42 delivered to this client in 2020 following the success of their initial purchase.

V.A (variable arm) is CRS's innovative, Patented variable arm technology that allows our clients to change to any size container in only minutes.

From 1450mm concentrate containers to 2900mm High cube Urea/Fertiliser/Grains containers

Our clients can now maximise their profitability from their investment by offering multi faceted operations. 

This is now the 4th unit commissioned remotely in 2020 by the CRS engineering team, a great accolade due to the their industry knowledge, professionalism whilst considering our clients expectations by taking advantage to develop new new technology in the face of international Covert 19 restrictions. 'Buisness must go on'.

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