December 2021 - CRS Awarded a Major Australian Rare Earth Project.

CRS is extremely pleased to receive notification that is has been awarded the contract to supply container rotators with CRS's 'Patented' specialised, Rotorcon® bulk ore containers for a prestigious 'Rare Earths' project being developed in Western Australia.

 Our experienced team has been working closely with this client for approximately 2 years to evaluate and develop the most up to date open top container handling technology for environmentally friendly concentrate transport and processing.

To meet the client requirements, CRS added an additional drive system the Rotainer Eurospec 38 product portfolio, this involved the developement of a low speed, eleoctro-hydraulic, 'Slew Ring' rotational system. 

CRS now has 3 highly efficient mechanical drive systems for any operational requirements.

1. With a 'Patented' hydraulic cylinder system utilising a Master and Slave system for low cost, reliable and simple 180 degree rotation.

2. Heavy Duty Bevel Gearbox System offering a  360 degree. bi-direction, dump in 8 seconds with full rotation in 15 seconds.

3. Slew Ring with single motor system lower rotation speed for Specialised Applications.

CRS, Global Leaders in Innovative Container Rotation Technology 

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