Rotainer® is a registered trademark Australian Mobile Mining Equipment, Systems & Accessories  Pty Ltd (AMMESA), Sydney, Australia.

Container Rotation Systems Pty Ltd, (CRS) is part of the Australian Mobile Mining Equipment Systems & Accessories (AMMESA) Group of companies and is licenced to use the Rotainer trademark.

CRS equipment is sold and serviced direct from its head office located in Sydney Australia.

AMMESA/CRS does not, nor has ever had, any relationship with, or licencing arrangement regarding the use of trademarks, Lid Lifting Technology or any other technology with

ISG, ISG  Pit to Ship, Intermodal Solutions Group , Load and Move Pty Ltd.

or any entity owned by the company or its directors.

Any reference of the above entities selling, offering to sell or claiming a commercial relationship with any of the CRS companies or portfolio of products is not factual, false and misleading.  

Below are pictures of a container rotators promoted by competitive companies trying to 'pass off' as Rotainer®,

 They are NOT certified CRS products.