December - 2020.

The past 12 months has been an interesting and challenging time for us all.

CRS's forte is turning the negatives into the positives.

Reviewing the milestones of the past 10 years whilst analysing the commercial achievements with continued focus on our strategic plan for the New Decade, combined with the future commercial challenges facing us all due to the Covid 19, the CRS team is pleased with the  results of 2020 and our path moving forward.

2020 sales were down on our record year of 2019, nevertheless the 2020 year turned out better than expected.

The Release of the Rotainer Eurospec MH-42 & MH-42VA saw 2 new Rotainer® models enter the market place, the 55 cubic metre high cube container is a very exciting additoin ot the CRS container portfolio to take into the future.

Our new Tiltainer® project lost some momentum during the 2020 periods but is back on track with full testing to be completed early Q1-21, further to this we, have designed a new, low cost bulker container with specialised doors specifically designed for UREA and other moisture sensitive commodities for use with our Tiltainer® technology.

Pleasingly, several orders for historic models kept most of our staff and sub suppliers busy and fully employed over the last 12 months therefore our expertise has remained in-house and updated.

Further development of our in-house durability and loads testing procedures allowed us to enhance our new

'Remote Commissioning technolgy'  which actually reduces total commissioning costs for CRS as manufacturers and our end users.

Whilst many 2020 projects have been put back to later in 2021, December 2020 saw some pipeline projects moved forward with new  orders confirmed for delivery Q4-21, combine this with CRS's current pre-commitments should see 2021 to be an improvement on the previous period.

To all our readers 'Stay Safe' and plan ahead, we look forward to continuing to providing cost effective CBH Solcuitons (Containerised Bulk Handling) for the Global Market 

November - 2020.  Tiltainer® Patent Approved and Certified.

CRS's New, Innovative container tilting system for General Purpose, (G.P) Containers receives Standard Patent Certification.

After a lengthy patent application and review period, CRS is proud to take technical ownership with another new and innovative system for their container rotating  portfolio of products.

This new system allows standard containers to be rotated 90 degrees for loading and unloading whilst maintaining a central centre of gravity.

This system will focus on products that needs to be completely sealed from the environment such as Urea, Fertilisers and Grains.

The Tiltainer® will work hand in hand with our specially Patented  'Graintainer®' system which will ensure products that need to be completely protected from ambient humidity will be fully sealed.

For Further information contact or visit the page on our web site,  via the drop down menu.

CRS - Forward Thinking, Better Results 

October - 2020.  www.Rotainer®.com site up and running

CRS has finally been able to secure its .com site after 10 years of being in the ownership of a 3rd party.

This acquisition consolidates the ownership of the globally recognised 'Rotainer' brand for CRS. and  can be now used for direct contact with the O.E.M

(original equipment manufacturer) will be maintained and diverted so nothing will change here.

Contacts, emails and search engine enquiries will be re-directed to the Rotainer home page. 

Whilst we appreciated other players promoting the Rotainer® brand on their sites, this acquisition will consolidate the reputation and professionalism of CRS with all search engine enquiries being re-directed to the Rotainer® home page


CRS - Forward Thinking, Better Results 

October - 2020, Rotainer Europsec MH42 Now in Full Operation in Russia

In Q4, 2019, Ultramar, Russia, reviewed their options for the purchase of a container rotator to mate with a new, extremely large materials handler they were looking to install at a new terminal they were constructing.  

Severmek, CRS's Russian distributors, introduced the CRS Rotainer Eurospec Range to their client, Ultramar and E Crane, a European Equilibrium Crane manufacturer. 

 The fleet of Rotainer Eurospec 38's Severmek recently installed for Global Ports, Ulst Luga, Russia, proving so successful by exceed all expectations in performance, reliability and delivery rates, Severmek looked to offer this  Rotainer option for the E Crane and approached the CRS's Engineering team for an application review.

Performance Data of the E Crane combined with operational requirements of the client highlighted the need for a new, purpose  design container rotator specifically for large material handlers now entering entering the market.

CRS's Engineering team rose the challenge and promptly came up with a new model whilst utilising the same reliable components as previous Rotainer Eurospec versions. Positive support by the client of CRS's recommendations saw the Release of the Rotainer  Eurospec MH42 can to fruition (Materials Handler 42 Tonnes Gross Lift Capacity) 

Watch video Click Here

CRS - Forward Thinking, Better Results 

September - 2020, 3rd Rotainer® R.S on the way to Taiwan.

Chien Shing Harbour Services, based in the Peoples Republic of China will increase the output of its copper concentrate blending facility by adding a 3rd Rotainer® R.S to its fleet. 

The Rotainer® R.S  is a true 3 in 1, heavy duty, container rotator. It converts from Reach Stacker, to Mobile Harbour Crane to Ship to Shore Crane in only minutes.

This highly successful model is powered by a highly reliable, compact, 'air cooled' diesel engine with a hand held remote control for versatility and easy of operation. 

Equipped with CRS's lid lift systems further consolidates the clients commitment to environmental protection by fully covering  the product from the blending shed right through to the hold of the ship.

Shipped fully assembled and ready to operate provides the client with a full a 'turn key' delivery. 

 CRS - Forward Thinking, Better Results 

August - 2020 Rotainer® Eurospec MH42VA (Patented Variable Arm Technology) 

CRS's Eurospec Range of container rotators is progressing even with the slow start in early 2020 when the Covid Crisis was in full swing.

 CRS is pleased to announce another 2 units are on track for commissioning in the European region during 2020.

With 7 units being delivered  the last 2 years together with several pipeline orders on tack for the end of Q4, 2020 enhances CRS's commitment to move away from antiquated traditional container spreader design to our modern, fully enclosed, single beam systems.

CRS's innovative single beam technology combined with our newly released Variable Arm System further consolidates our commitment to provided, high quality, innovative, cost effective, simple and  reliable machines to the global market.

To further 'value add' our clients investment in CRS products, our optional, Patented Arm Technology allows one machine to cater for containers ranging from 14500mm 'Half Heights' right through to 2900 high cube bulkers including CRS's 55 cubic metre wide bodied containers.


CRS - Forward Thinking, Better Results 

June - 2020 Rotainer® Eurospec 42 for 50 Cubic Metre Container Ordered

CRS is pleased to announce another order for our newly released MH range of container rotators.

This particular unit was specified with CRS's optional, Patented, Adjustable Arm System.

  This unique CRS system allows the client to service a wide array of containers from 1450mm Half Heights loaded with heavy concentrates right through to our newly developed 50 cubic metre, High Cube container for wood chips, grains and other products with low weights where high volume delivery rates are required.

Contact for further detials

CRS - Forward Thinking, Better Results 

May - 2020 CRS's Patented Variable Arms for Rotainer® Eurospec MH42

This month sees the release of CRS's Patented adjustable arm system for the Rotainer MH range of container rotators.

This unique arm was developed some years ago is now an upgrades from our previous unit. 

It now caters for containers ranging from 1450mm right through to our newly developed 20ft-2900mm, Wide Bodied 50 cubic metre container.

This versatile option is to fullfill an order in Europe which can enable our valuable client to further value add to their investment this will allow a complete range of bulk commodities that can be handled with the one machine.

By adjusting the centre of gravity, products such as heavy copper concentrate in 1450mm half heights through to 2900 high cube container with light products such as wood chip can be handled by the 'One Design' machine.

CRS - Forward Thinking, Better Results 

April - 2020 CRS Multibulker® Fleet To China

CRS valued clients in the Peoples Republic of China increases their fleet of our high quality, heavy duty Multibulker containers.

These particular containers are 2200mm high with a 38,000kgs gross capacity, fitted with CRS's  specially designed hard lids with our auto lid locking system. 

These containers connect to the Rotainer R.S for 38 tonnes.

 Used 24/7 to cater for concentrate blending for concentrates from the Latin America region. 


CRS - Forward Thinking, Better Results 

February - 2020 CRS Ezzelid® Released to the Market.

For some time now our valued clients have been requesting for a more cost effective, simpler, user friendly lid system for open top containers.

 Rotainer® 2020 program see the sees the release of our new, Patent Pending Ezzelid®, self opening container lids.

Hinged on one side with several lock options other allows the lid to self open, designed specifically for our Rotainer Eurospec 180 degree units.

This system offers significant cost savings on both the Rotainer® and Container.

Email for more details or feel free to visit out Sydney manufacturing facility for a full working demonstration. 

CRS - Forward Thinking, Better Results 

January - 2020 Bisha Mining, Eritrea, Adds 3rd Rotainer® H.D

Since 2014, Bisha Mining has successfully operated a complete CRS Rotainer® system, including Rotrocon ®Bulk Ore Containers, Ezzeloadore® etc

With an increase in mine life for approximately another 5 years 2020 Bisha Mining decided to add a new

Rotainer® H.D to their fleet to guarantee performance and reliability to the logistics chain.

A total of 3 Rotainer® H.D's operate at the Port of Massawa connected to a Kone (Gottwald) Mobile Harbour Crane.

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