August 2022 -  Bisha Mining 2012-2022 10 years on

The Bisha Mining Project, Eritrea, is arguably the toughest project in the Container Rotation Industry.

In 2012 CRS supplied, commissioned and trained the local staff on a complete Rotainer Solution which included the Gottwald Crane, Kalmar Container Handling Equipment, several thousand Rotorcon® Heavy Duty containers and arranged 120 trucks and trailers amongst other hardware.

Bisha mine is located close the border of Sudan, some 350kms from the Port of Massawa. This main highway is treacherous, with over 150 switch-back corners to cater for the rise from sea level to 2300m. The round trip takes 4 days due to the slow going. 

In 2022 an Australian CRS crew re-visited the site to install a 3rd Rotainer H.D.

In July & August the 3rd Rotainer H.D was commissioned which included an electrical and software upgrade on the 2 current Rotainers, giving our client 3 fully operational Rotainers, all interconnectable to the single Gottwald Crane.

CRS has supported this operation for 10 years, due to a mine life extension until 2032 and beyond, CRS will continue to support this project with parts and technical input.

The original 2 Rotainers as expected are battered and bruised but still structurallysound with no major mechanical issues or component change outs, even after 80,000 rotations with an average gross container weight of 37,000kgs.

These units are well maintained, as a result the original  Rotainers have been re-certified by CRS for another 10 years of operation, continued testament to the strength and engineering quality of the heavy duty Rotainer H.D. 

This operation continues to provide load out rates with an average of 35 cycles per hour, a remarkable achievement for the local Eritrean crew.  

CRS thanks the County of Eritrea, Bisha Mining and the Port of Massawa for our continuing relationship.



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