February 2021 - Updates Water Misting Option for Coaltainer®.

CRS adds updated Water Misting System as an option all Rotainer® Europsec range of container rotators.

Developed several years ago for the Rotainer® M.D, CRS has updated this system to suit the Europsec Range of container rotators.

High pressure water tubes fitted to the top frame of the Rotainer®, the tubes have high pressure nozzeles, electronically managed that create a water misting blanket over the load when it is being discharged which eliminates dust mitigation.

On board or external water storage compartments are available.


2021. Stay Positive - Test Negative

Russia - The Big Freeze.

2 Years of Service - 39,000 Rotations - 2500 Service Hours - 28 Tonnes +/- Per Container -

7000 Rotations per Rotorcon® Container - 1,092,000 Tonnes Loaded Per Rotainer

Facts, Not Fiction.

In 2019 CRS designed and delivered 4 off specially engineered Rotianer Eurospec 38's with unique rotating head frames fitted to Kone STS Cranes.

These particular head frames allows for discharge in a N-S-E-W directions which dramatically speed up loading rates. 

This delivery also included CRS's specially engineered 'Artic Pack' for operating in conditions down to -20c.

CRS Electrical team combined with their local distributor installed dual monitoring stations so all data logging, programming and operational controls can be manipulated from the comfort of the operators cabin.

Early February 2021 saw temperatures drop down to -28c, the pictures below clearly shows the Gulf of Finland frozen over while the Rotainer Eurospec 38's continues loading coal via CRS Rotorcon® 2900mm Coaltainer®

Another great result for our valued client with credit to the CRS Rotainer Team and Russian Dealer

Feburary 2021 - CRS Rotorcon® Containers Ready for Export 

Rotorcon® 2000mm joins the CRS Heavy Duty Container Portfolio.

The Full range, 1450mm - 1800mm - 1900mm - 2000mm - 2200mm - 2600mm - 2900mm

The success of the CRS's Innovative 'One Design' Heavy Duty Rotatable containers continues with the release of the new 2000mm high with hard lid and CRS's specially designed, patented lock system.

Since it inception in 2009, the 'Worlds First' Rotatable Container above 32Tonnes, the 'Rotorcon' brand of heavy duty, rotatable, opentop container continues to be one of the most highly respected brands in the bulk commodity industry.

With its unique internal shape, the patented 'Whale Bone' rib design offering flexibility while maintaining maximum strength and durability with the highest gross weight per tonne carried per tonne of tare weight than any other container. 

Designed and Certified in Australia by leading navel architects under CRS guidelines, produced in Asia by the Worlds leading container manufacturers maintains CSC, CCC, Lloyd's certification with BK2 compliance.

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2021 Stay Positive - Test Negative

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