February 2022 - CRS Develops Lid Lifting System Standard Open Container Lids.

 Since the release of the highly successful Rotainer® Eurospec Range of container rotators, CRS has been continuously approached by a number of Major concentrate suppliers to come up with a simple approached for the removal of container Lids that use rudimentary gravity operated container lid locks

After extensive industry review, CRS developed an innovative, rotatable concentric 'Claw' apparatus to manipulate locks depicted in the pictures above for the fast, simple reliable removal and replacement of container lids with gravity locks

The first Australian based client to come on board with his new lid lift system operates some 3800 mineral sands containers with both road and rails links in their intermodal container logistics process.

Furthermore, due to several requests, this system will be implemented in the Latin American region shortly where many thousands of these containers are utilised in the Copper Concentrate Industry.

CRS Forward Thinking - Better Results 


February 2022 - Rotainer Eurospec 38RS, Reach Stacker Heading to Western Australia.

CRS is pleased to deliver a Rotainer Eurospec 38, Diesel Powered with Remote Control for a unique project in Western Australia involving 3800, generic style, open top containers that are approximately over 10 years old. 

These particular containers were fitted with older gravity operated lid locking system which were introduced to the open top container industry well over 20 years ago. 

The CRS team was engaged to come up with a simple, low cost solution for lid removal without the major expense of modifying the standard container lids.

We are proud to add another option to our CRS Lidfiftor® lid lifting range. 

This new style lid lifting design utilises a 'Claw' style rotating apparatus to manipulate the lid locks.

This new apparatus now allows CRS to offer its container rotators to over 20,000 containers currently fitted with this type of lock that are very popular in the Latin American Market.

CRS Forward Thinking - Better Results


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