Rotainer News February 2023

During Feb 2023, CRS completed the F.A.T of a Rotainer® Europsec 38RS that will be utilised at the Lynas, Mt Weld Rare Earths upgrade project in Western Australia.

This unit will be used for handling CRS's specially designed, Rotorcon® Rare Earths Containers

It will be used in the loading shed whereby 2 containers will be place on weigh scales for loading purposes. 

One empty container will be placed on a set of loading scales while another is being loaded and weighed, the lid from one container will be transferred to the other container to maximise efficiencies resulting in minimised road traffic.

To achieve this CRS's software team had to develop a unique modification to our operating program, this in turn allows the lid to be raise and held by the Rotainer® while disconnecting from the container allowing travel around the site with the lid held in container rotator. 

The project is expected to be up an running shortly, updates on our innovative systems will be uploaded after final commissioning 

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