April 2022 -  Tiltainer® Standard Patent Certified in Mainland China.

CRS is pleased to have recently received notification of full certification of our innovative, Tiltainer® system in Mainland China. 

Certifying Patents in China these days is an expensive and challenging task.

The expertice of our Professional Engineers combined with our well respected I.P Lawyers overcame any hurdles of prior art contentions that were presented since the application was submitted.

This Chinese Patent, ZL201880046035.5, adds another Country to the Tiltainer® Patent registration zones.

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CRS Forward Thinking - Better Results 

April 2022 - Maxebeam® with CRS Lid Lifting System

April 2022 sees completion of F.A.T (Factory Approved Testing) for our Maxebeam® coupled with our upgraded CRS Lid Lifting System.

This system was specially designed at the request of our client to maximise productivity utilising a dedicated Reach Stacker.

This was a challenging but solvable problem for the CRS team as these particular containers are some 10 years old in design. Our current CRS lid lifting system was highly modified with optimisation of the lock mechanism incorporating additional safety and warning indicators.

CRS's Lid Lifting Systems continue to evolve, this is our 4th generation Lid Lifting System since the release of our original lid lifting system to the global market in 2010.


CRS  Forward Thinking - Better Results  

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