January 2022 - Rotainer® Eurospec 38 RS-CSS (Container Support System) Up And Running

CRS is extremely pleased with our latest sale with remote commissioning in the midst of Covid restrictions and supply difficulties.

CRS's highly successful, Rotainer Europsec 38 was fitted with our latest,  Innovative, Patent Pending Technology, known as CSS - Container Support System.

The system was designed, tried and tested on several experimental containers constructed in our Sydney Manufacturing Premises for durability and functionality before being containerised for export as a  'Plug and Play' installation. 

The CSS system uses a 'Passive' (no moving parts) to support the side walls of any container, thus moving all stresses, torsions and bending moments from the container back into the main structure of the Rotainer's superior frame structure.

The net result of CSS is less sophisticated container designs can be used to handle bulk materials, this in turn answers the current problem with supply backlogs combined with ever increasing costs.

Local industries now have an opportunity to manufacture their own, more cost effective, open top containers eliminating the need for expensive compliance's and certifications, especially if there are for specific sites use only.

Furthermore, to meet customers needs, CRS now offers our clients a certified container engineering packages for the manufacture of rotatable containers in any Country to coincide with our CSS, a perfect option to support local business tyring to rebuild after 2 years of Covid lock downs.

Forward Thinking - Better Results.


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