July 2021 - CRS Container Tippler Reaches New Milestone

100,000 Loaded Rotations, Average Load 32,000kgs = 3.2 Million Tonnes

Late 2006 saw the specially designed CRS Container Tipper System installed in Latin America for PVSA, Chile.

Port Ventanas is a major storage and export facility of concentrates catering for many large Copper Miners in Chilean region.

PVSA engage Container Rotation System of Australia to come up with a solution to increase export capacity utilising current rail infrastructure whilst introducing sealed ISO style concentrate containers.

To meet requirements, a Static Container Tippler System with specially design 20ft ISO spreaders with Automated Lid Lifting provided the solution.

One of the major hurdles to overcome was to supply a frame structure suitable for use in active Earthquake zone a few hundred metres from the Pacific Ocean.

   CRS's engineering team designed and fully certified a system in Australia  for easy export and assembly on site.

As of July 2021 the system has handle over 100,000 fully loaded containers without any major issues or break downs since installation, further consolidation of the professionalism and expertice of the CRS team. 

To achieve the required outcome was a joint effort from CRS, PVSA, Contekner (Local Chilean Agent) overseen and sanctioned by Lloyd's register.


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