Rotainer® News June 2024 - MH4240 Completed

Got an idea?  Get a pen and paper, draw it, review design concepts, engineer it, build it, test it, ship it.

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Adding to CRS's 15 years anniversary activities, CRS is proud to finalise the Worlds first, single beam, 360 degree, multi-directional, 40t container rotator for high performance STS cranes

MH4240 = MH-Materials Handler. 42-42,000 kgs WWL. 40ft Containers.

This Patent Pending unit combines 15 years of experience with the latest innovative technology in container rotators, catering to high cube containers for low S.G materials,  this unit is sleek, modern and strong.

Setup  with 3 different lifting points to cater for any connection as standard.. 

Totally built in house in our Sydney based manufacturing facility for high quality, reliability and longevity.

Electric Hydraulic or Diesel Hydraulic optional drive systems, can be fitted with lid lifting if required and comes standard with our Iinnovative Second Generation electric system which includes RMM (Rotainer Remote Monitoring) 

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