March 2022 - CRS Maxebeam®. Spreader Replacement System.

March 2022 sees further, innovative technology from the CRS team, the Maxebeam®

The release of our latest, innovative, 'Patent Pending' spreader system allows CRS Rotainer® owners to maximise productively by allowing the maximum lift capacity available from their mobile equipment .

CRS's innovated technology is the design of the unique internal frame structure which allowed CRS engineers to replicate the functionality normally provided by standard  container spreaders such as side shift and rotation, functions that are not available on standard fixed spreaders or tool carriers. 

FEA and computer modelling confirmed that operating dynamics are maintained within the parameters of a normal 20/40 container handling spreader design

With a Gross lifting capacity of 50,000kgs with tare weight of 3000kgs makes this an attractive option for users looking to increase reach stacker handling capacity without the expense of upgrading to more expensive, larger capacity machines with extended delivery times, best of all, after initial set up it can be swapped back to a normal spreader operation in less than 2 hours. 


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