November 2021 - Record Orders @ CRS for Post Covid Uptake

CRS is humbled with the post Covid take up of the World renowned, Rotainer® Eurospec Range, confirmed orders over the last 6 months has seen 20 units booked for production throughout the next 2 years.

Whilst long lead time items continue to be a challenge moving forward, prudent clients are ordering equipment well in advance to secure container handling systems to meet the post Covid uptake.

CSS, our new Container Support System designed for less sophisticated container allows operations to begin on-time considering the current World container shortage.

So popular is the CSS system, once F.A.T (Factory Approved Testing) was completed, one client immediately placed an order for a minimum of 15 units, this being an historical order for any container rotator manufacturer.

Further more CRS has released 2 new Models,

STS 42 -180 Degree Rotation

Rotainer Eurospec 38 - 360 Degree Rotation with Slew Ring drive.

Adding the above drive systems to our container rotator portfolio allows CRS to provide 3 different drive system to cater for any application with various speeds which meet price brackets to match client requirements.

Rotainer Eurospec 38 with Optional CSS

Patent Pending

 Rotainer Eurospec STS 42      


 Rotainer Eurospec 38 (360 Slew Ring Drive)


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