November 2022 - Rotainer® 360PC Released to the Global Market.

CRS has released another innovative container rototor design to Rotainer® portfolio.

To be marketed as the 'Rotainer® 360PC' as it is purpose built for Portal Cranes and rotates to empty 360 degrees in either a clockwise or anti-clock wise direction.

CRS now offers 5  versions of ROTAINERS in their Eurospec range

The Rotainer® 360PC has CRS's innovative slim line, single beam technology and is 100% sealed.

Fully programable sees this new model offer rotational speeds from very slow .5 rpm through to 5 rpm for super fast discharge. 

The CRS engineering team in conjunction with with our hydraulic engineers developed a single drive per side with right angled planetary gear sets combining internal braking which makes a simple and effective hydro/mechanical drive mechanism whilst utilising shared components from our standard Rotainer® Eurospec range.

The unit pictured is in the final stage of assembly in CRS's 3000 square metre manufacturing facility in Sydney Australia.

This particular unit is fitted with a client specified canopy system for complete dust free operating environment.

F.A.T (factory approved testing) to be completed early December with on site commissioning in Australia, Q1 2023.

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