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CRS has finally been able to secure its .com site after 10 years of being in the ownership of a 3rd party.

This acquisition consolidates the ownership of the globally recognised 'Rotainer' brand for CRS. and  can be now used for direct contact with the O.E.M

(original equipment manufacturer) will be maintained and diverted so nothing will change here.

Contacts, emails and search engine enquiries will be re-directed to the Rotainer home page. 

Whilst we appreciated other players promoting the Rotainer® brand on their sites, this acquisition will consolidate the reputation and professionalism of CRS with all search engine enquiries being re-directed to the Rotainer® home page


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October - 2020, Rotainer Europsec MH42 Now in Full Operation in Russia

In Q4, 2019, Ultramar, Russia, reviewed their options for the purchase of a container rotator to mate with a new, extremely large materials handler they were looking to install at a new terminal they were constructing.  

Severmek, CRS's Russian distributors, introduced the CRS Rotainer Eurospec Range to their client, Ultramar and E Crane, a European Equilibrium Crane manufacturer. 

 The fleet of Rotainer Eurospec 38's Severmek recently installed for Global Ports, Ulst Luga, Russia, proving so successful by exceed all expectations in performance, reliability and delivery rates, Severmek looked to offer this  Rotainer option for the E Crane and approached the CRS's Engineering team for an application review.

Performance Data of the E Crane combined with operational requirements of the client highlighted the need for a new, purpose  design container rotator specifically for large material handlers now entering entering the market.

CRS's Engineering team rose the challenge and promptly came up with a new model whilst utilising the same reliable components as previous Rotainer Eurospec versions. Positive support by the client of CRS's recommendations saw the Release of the Rotainer  Eurospec MH42 can to fruition (Materials Handler 42 Tonnes Gross Lift Capacity) 

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CRS - Forward Thinking, Better Results 

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