October 2022 - Rotainer® Eurospec 38RS

CRS is proud to receive new orders for it highly popular Rotainer® R.S which is a great start for October.

This compact, lightweight, fully sealed, stand alone container rotator was introduced to the global market some years ago and is now one of CRS's most popular machines.

Self powered via a small diesel engine with remote control, specifically set up to discharge away from the operators cabin via CRS's 'Patented' 180 degree, hydraulic crank system enhances safety requirements, furthermore, this innovative drive system reduces dust emissions by eliminating vortex movement which is a large contributor to dust emissions.

Latest fuel burn figures indicate <1.75 litres per hour give approximately 30 hours of operation between diesel refills.

The innovative Rotainer® Eurospec 38RS also comes standard with sling/chain points so it can be converted to crane operations in only minutes.

Global distribution is made easy due to our modulated manufacturing process which allows shipping in a single, 40ft, high cube container with set up times of less than 8 hours.  

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