October 2021 - CRS Releases Container Support System (CSS)

October 2021 sees the finalisation of our latest innovative technology.

CSS, Container Side Wall Support System'.

This new technology allows any type of container to be Rotated in the Rotainer® Eurospec range of container rotators.

This simple 'Passive' support system has no moving parts.

It removes the dynamic loads and bending forces from the container side wall when rotating though the 90 degree point, it transfers any bending forces or external influences back into the Rotainer's rotating arms through to the main frame.

Developed due to the lack of supply, with a view to answer the rising costs of standards and specialised containers, this latest technology supports the side wall of any type of container during the rotating process.

In short, we have removed the need for expensive, specialised, heavy duty rotatable containers.

You can now use standard open tops, general G.P's with the tops removed or produce your own containers in your own Country with assistance of CRS design engineers. 

The system has been thoroughly tested with I.P lodged (Intellectual Property).

It been so well embraced by the bulk commodities industry, our initial order is in the double figures, another game changer by the innovative team at CRS, Container Rotation Systems. 

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