August 2021- CRS is Back to Pre-Covid Order Levels

New Orders confirms CRS is now Australia's Largest Supplier of Container Rotators.

We are excited to be back at production rates equal to Pre-Covid volumes.

Current production levels combined with recently confirmed new orders placed late August 2021 see CRS's Rotainer production return to that of  2019. 

During the slow period created by the initial Covid-19 Crisis, CRS put this downtime to good use with development of a new fully automated 'Simple Touch' procurement system.

Simply put, one click on our new computer software system places orders for every component required to build a complete Rotainer, no matter what model or specification.

Our new software system has full remote access, no matter where in the World the order is received, once the order is confirmed it takes minutes to get the complete build underway, all we do is change the quantities. 

  To complement the above, full 'Bar Coding' has been introduced to every item in the builds including workshop and parts drawings, this allows instant item identification and location.

Furtherrmore, we have streamlined our modular design manufacturing process which allows us to have pre-manufactured items in constant supply to meet the post Covid take up delivery schedules.

In additional to the above, CRS has developed a new 'Passive' container side wall support system.

This new 'Patent Pending' technology allows normal ISO G.P style containers to be adapted to rotational applications. A full international launch will follow late September 2021.

Forward Thinking  - Better Results

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