September 2022 

Rotainer® Eurospec MH42, A European Success Story.


Late 2019, at the request of a large Port operator, CRS was engaged to design a completely new style of container rotator, specifically for Large Equilibrium and Mobile Harbour Cranes with a lifting capacity of 42 tonnes gross weight.

The innovative, CRS team put pen to paper and came up with the a completely new concept in container rotators with a single centre lift,180 degree rotation, low profile named the Rotainer MH42.

3 months after the concept was presented to the client, the initial unit was in production,delivered to site in early 2000.

This unit (unit 1) was the first Rotainer® to be commissioned remotely due to Covid travel restrictions.

Assembly took less than 1 day with the unit was operational a short time later, without fuss or complications.

The highly positive acceptance of this new style unit led a follow up order immediately after commissioning.

The next unit ordered included CRS's Patented adjustable arm system allowing the second unit to handle containers from 1450mm (half heights) right though to 2900mm (high cubes) with only a minor alteration.

2 years on, the second MH42 delivered has now clock 30,000 rotations, handled over 1.2 million tonnes of product with nothing more than general maintenance, further testament to the success of the CRS's engineering and build quality.

Our cleint now operates 2 Rotainers® on 2 large 'E' cranes

Rotainer®, the most recognised brand in container rotation industry.

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Rotainer® Trademark Officially Registered in Mainland China.

CRS is pleased to announce that early September, 2022, the 'Rotainer' trademark has been officially accepted, registered and certified in mainland China.

To have our 'World' recognised brand now in registered in mainland China is very pleasing after such a long and time consuming process.

Many thanks to our highly skilled and dedicated I.P team. 

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