Rotainers® in Chile

Rotainer Europsec 38RS Commissioned in Antofagasta, Chile, the Copper Concentrate Capitol of the World.

CRS's continues to maintain its position as a World Leader in Containerised Bulk Handling by enhancing our recently introduced 'Claw' lid lifting apparatus with an innovative, 'Patent Pending' Multilid® dual lid lifting system.

A simple addition to our HMI screen software allow operators to easily switch from one brand of container lid to another, the system is also available on our 'Lidgripper' for lid removal and replacement via forklifts or other type of material handlers.

Thoroughly tested on various open top containers from 1450mm Half Height to 2900mm High Cubes this highly successful apparatus will allow freedom of choice when purchasing open top, concentrate containers.

CRS now offers 5 variations of Lid Lifting Devices

1. CRS's original 2 or 4 point centre aperture bracket with rotating mechanism

2. CRS Lidgripper for our Heavy Duty, hard flat centre liftpoints

3. 'Claw' system for containers using the 'T Bar' gravity lock mechanism

4. CRS Multilid for use on both of the above.

5. Lidgripper lifting frame for fixed spreaders 

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