July 2022 - Press Release. Trademark Infringement.

The Rotainer® Trademark is a legally registered trademark in several Countries around the World.

This brand, as well as many others is owned by the entity know as 'Container Rotation System Pty Ltd, (CRS) based in Sydney, Australia.

Rotainer®, the highly respected brand name, synonymous with high quality, well engineered, long lasting, cost effective and environmentally friendly container rotation equipment.

CRS, via the brand, has built up a highly respected reputation that is the envy of CRS's competitors.

CRS's products portfolio can be found on the the web site

Recently, several companies have used the Rotainer® brand in either its original form or varied versions to 'Spring Board' off CRS's good will and reputation since its establishment in 2009.

CRS's first claim of infringement of this globally recognised brand was lodged in the Federal Court of Australia at the end of June 2022.

To maintain the uniqueness of the Rotainer® brand CRS's legal team, both domestically and internationally are reviewing other infringers with a view to enforce the legal rights of the registered trademark owner. 

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