August - 2020 Rotainer® Eurospec MH42VA (Patented Variable Arm Technology) 

CRS's Eurospec Range of container rotators is progressing even with the slow start in early 2020 when the Covid Crisis was in full swing.

 CRS is pleased to announce another 2 units are on track for commissioning in the European region during 2020.

With 7 units being delivered  the last 2 years together with several pipeline orders on tack for the end of Q4, 2020 enhances CRS's commitment to move away from antiquated traditional container spreader design to our modern, fully enclosed, single beam systems.

CRS's innovative single beam technology combined with our newly released Variable Arm System further consolidates our commitment to provided, high quality, innovative, cost effective, simple and  reliable machines to the global market.

To further 'value add' our clients investment in CRS products, our optional, Patented Arm Technology allows one machine to cater for containers ranging from 14500mm 'Half Heights' right through to 2900 high cube bulkers including CRS's 55 cubic metre wide bodied containers.


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