CRS's New 90 Degree Container Tilter.

Puropsed Designed From the Ground Up

A Simple Solution to a Complexed Problem

CRS's New, Innovative container tilting system for General Purpose, (G.P) Containers receives Standard Patent Certification.

Our new system is not a modified container spreader, it is a new, fully engineered puroose bullt container unloader. 

After a lengthy patent application and review period, CRS is proud take technical ownership another new and innovative system for their container rotating  portfolio of products.

This new system allows standard containers to be rotated 90 degrees for loading and unloading whilst maintaining a central centre of gravity.

This system will focus on products that needs to be completely sealed from the environment such as Urea, Fertilisers and Grains.

The Tiltainer® will work hand in hand with our specially Patented  'Graintainer®' system which will ensure products that need to completely protected from ambient humidity will be fully sealed.

For Further information contact sales@Rotainer.com or visit the page on our web site, www.Rotainer.com  via the drop down menu.

Lift and Load in the Vertical Position

Lift and Unload in the Vertical Position

Disconnect form the Container in the Vertical Position.

Duel version for Twin Lift Spreaders