Container Rotation Systems, Pty Ltd (CRS) is an Australian based company that is at the forefront of the

Containerised Bulk Handling Industry. 

From Humble beginnings in 2009, CRS's continuous research and development regime, combined with Australian ingenuity, innovative thinking philosophy now sees CRS products is 13 Countries Globally. 

From Concept to Commissioning, CRS delivers, we don't copy or modify, CRS innovates. 

Our company owned, 3000 square metre, 'State of the Art' manufacturing facility located in Sydney, Australia is purpose developed for the design, manufacturing and testing of CRS products. 

Our Rotorcon® Heavy Duty Container range is also designed, engineered and certified in  Australia for mass manufacturing in Asia by the leading container builders. 

CRS's history of innovative  'Firsts '  is the envy of all other suppliers. CRS's 'Worlds Best Practice' in manufacturing, combined with our internally developed Q.A system sees continuous design, development and durability testing from the one facility.

Rest assured, if you choose to partner up with CRS by investing in any of our highly sought after products, you will be comforted with the fact that you will be providing your clients cutting edge technology, best quality, highly reliability, low maintenance equipment that will provide longevity of service with highly profitable returns over many years.

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