CRS Multibulker® Containers

CRS is the Global market leader in the design and manufacture of High Cube, Open Top Containers with Rear tipping doors for a wide range high and Low Density dry bulk cargo such as Mineral Concentrates (Copper, Gold, Lead, Zinc), Salt, DRI, and other cargo including Wood Chips, Biomass and Refuse.

CRS has the largest range of Rear Door Tipping Containers in more locations than any other supplier.

CRS's 40ft, 2900mm High Cube is the largest Rear Tipping Container on the Global Market.  

CRS Multibulkers® have been built for rotation by 360 degrees by rotating spreaders Rotainers® to discharge the cargo, whilst still being able to discharge cargo via rear tipping.

This allows the containers to be used with for a wide range of applications. They can receive cargo at the port and deliver to the mine, and then transport cargo back to the port for tippler discharge.

The Multibulker container range still comes with all of CRS unique features such as our Patented sides and our Special Flow Gussets on the corner twist lock pockets. 

CRS Multibulker® container is certified to BK2 requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code 2018).


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