2900mm High Cube Containers

CRS are the Global Leaders in the Supply of High Cube Containers for Rotation.

CRS's Rotorcon® (rotatable container) brand of fully certified, Rotatable Containers are industry

renowned for the unique design, high capacity, strength and durability.

CRS Rotorcon® are the only heavy duty, open top container certified by the O.E.M for use 

in CRS's Rotainer brand of container rotators. 

With more High Cube Rotating Container installations in operation than another supplier makes

CRS Rotorcon® the leader in high capacity, rotatable, bulk commodity containers.

For Extra volumes ask us about our new 20ft, 55 cubic metre container for 42 tonnes gross capacity

The only High cube Certified for operating in Rotainer® Container Rotators.

Fully Certified for 180 & 360 Degree Rotation, BK2 Compliant, meet International Maritime

Organisation (IMO), Dangerous Goods Code.  (IMDG Code 2018)

Available with CRS's unique feature such as flat lids, manual or automatic lid locking or our new

Patent Pending Ezzelid® system

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Coal, Concentrates, Ferilizers, Urea, Pig Iron, Heavy Duty Scap Metal, Wood Chips, Biomass, Refuse

CRS Has the solutions with their purpose design, Rotorcon® Rotatable Containers

CSC, CCC, Gost & Several other International Certifed approvals apply.

CRS, Foward Thinking - Better Results 

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