Rotainer® News February 2024 - Project Completed

CRS is proud to have completed its supply for Lynas Rare Earths Kalgoorlie and Mt Weld.

A complete system was supplied including a fleet of CRS's Rotorcon® Heavy Duty Mining containers for 38.4 tonnes gross capacity, a Rotainer® Eurospec 38RS (Reach Stacker) for handing containers at the mine end, a CRS 'Lidgripper'™ for removal and replacement of container lids in the marshaling area, a customised 12 metre high, fully automated, twin container lid lifting assembly for the process shed  and,  the pride of the fleet, our newly developed,

 Rotainer® Eurospec 360PC.

The Rotainer® Eurospec 360PC designed specifically for Bridge or Portal cranes, this low profile unit includes our innovative single beam, modulated construction with 360 degree, multi-direction heavy duty, electronically managed, slew ring dive system.

Further, all CRS container rotators are  fitted with CRS's Lid Lifting beam with an optional dust canopy to maximise environmental awareness by fully sealing the Rotainer® to the top flange of the hopper.

Another innovative and unique feature of this unit is a mobile base station. This base station is  a 'hand carry' module that connects to a 240v mains oulets and houses all the electronic management including the HMI and CRS's RRM (Rotainer Remote Monitoring)™ .

CRS now has a complete, standardised, 'plug and play' container handling system specifically formulated to cater to the emerging, Rare Earths and Minerals Industry.

CRS   Forward Thinking - Better Result 

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