Rotainer® News November 2023 - MH42

Rotainers® in Production

Fact - Not Fiction

1. One Rotainer MH42

2. 32 Tonnes Per Container

3. 25 cycles Per Hour

4. 22 Hours Per Day

5. 365 Days Per Year

6. 17,600 Tonnes Loaded Per Day 

7. Operating 365 Days Per Year

8. 6,424,000 Tonnes Loaded Per Year - One Machine

The Rotainer Eurospec MH42 is a purpose designed container rotator for large Mobile Harbour Cranes and Materials Handlers such as the 'E Crane' 4000.

The Rotainer Eurospec 38 is one of CRS's most successful units to date.

Fitted with CRS's innovative 'E' Link for centre lift with direct connection to the cranes hook makes this machine the pinnacle of container rotators.

2 further units are now complete and scheduled for dispatch in December 23 with 3 more units in build and due for completion end of Q1, 2024. A further 3 pipeline orders are due mid 2024.

All of the above  unit will be supplied with CRS's unique 4 point, 'Claw' lid lift system for CIMC container lids

Rotainer® is a Registered trademark of Container Rotation Systems Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

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