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More New Products for 2022.

Rotainer Eurospec 360PC.

360 Multi-Directional, Designed Especially for Portal (Gantry Cranes)

Currently Currently in Production, Email For Details


Below is CRS's New Rare Earths Container

New Lid Lift System for Generic Container Lids.

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New Claw Style Lid Lifting Systems v4

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Container Side Wall Support Systems for Generic ISO Containers

New Products for 2022

Container Support System (CSS)

CRS answers Post Covid 19 container shortages and constant price increases.

CRS developed a container side wall support system that allows our clients to use any type of container for rotation.

Our latest technology is a 'Passive' system, it is simple with no moving parts.

This new technology removes the side wall loads during rotation by transferring energy back into the main body of the CRS Rotainer.

Available on all the Rotainer® Eurospec range from 1450mm to 2900mm high containers.

(Patent Pending)

CRS,  Forward Thinking - Better Results

Rotainer Ezzelid Container Lid for Open Top Containers


CRS's New Innovative

  Self Opening Lid System

(Patent Pending)

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Rotainer® The Brand Synonymous in Container Rotation Systems   

Rotainer® Eurospec MH 42-VA

(variable arms)

Commissioned December 2020

New 55 Metre High Cube Container

New Video Rotainer Eurospec MH 42

Click Here   Rotainer Eurospec MH42 Video

13 Years - 13 Countries

A World of Experience


1. Townsville Marine Logistics

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2. Klaipeda Container Terminals

3. Russia Ship to Shore Cranes

Rotorcon® Purpose Design, Heavy Duty, Rotatable Containers 

CRS's Adds 2900mm 10ft  to its Container Portfolio

New for 2020, The World Largest Rotatable Container

40ft, 2900mm High Cube for Wood Chip, Waste and Biomass

With or Without Rear Doors

Fully Certified for Water and Fluids (static)

New Model

Rotainer Eurospec 38 1/2 & 3/4 Height Containers

Specifically Designed for Low Cost Copper & Zinc Concentrate Transport in

Generic 1450mm - Half Heights & 1800mm - 3/4 Heights.

No need for Special Containers or Misting Systems

Standard with Automated Lid lifting

Diesel Hydraulic or Electric Hydraulic

The pictures below show a new installation fully integrated to a Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane




Containerised For Cost Effective Global Delivery

Latest Tier 4 Engine Technology

Diesel Hydraulic - Electric Hydraulic

Extremely Low Noise Emissions - Perfect For Confined Space Environments

High Visibility for Efficient Connection to Containers

 STS Cranes - Mobile Harbour Cranes - Portal Cranes - Ships Cranes - Reach Stacker


Purpose Desgn, Heavy Duty Concentrate Containers 

With Auto Locks or Ezzelid®

Recently introduced to the Global market is our new Lidgripper system which facilitates automation to any open top container.

No matter what brand, make or age, we have the solution.

Our innovative design allows for use of containers already in the market place.

If you need to upgrade your operation, talk to us, we can engineer and supply a cost effective solution.

Available as an option on all Rotainer® & CRS Container Tipplers.

Talk to CRS about the complete solution.

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Underground Container Handling Solutions

CRS had added a complete, underground container handling solution to its innovative products portfolio.

Whether it is a Construction or Mining application, we have the solution.

Our container range starts at the 1450mm half height with auto lids for fully sealed environmental protection or,

our open top heavy duty container bin for maximum productivity.

Rent or Buy, the choice is yours.

Contact for further information

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The Complete Solution From One Supplier.

Container Rotators

Container Tipplers

Container Tilters

Lid Lifting Systems


Specialised Rotatable Containers

No Matter What Product You Deal With, CRS Can Provide You With Modern, Highly Efficient

Containerised Bulk Handling Equipment  

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The Rotainer R.S is a Heavy Duty, '3 in one' Container Rotator.

Change from a Reach stacker to a Mobile Harbour Crane or Ship To Shore Crane operation in minutes.

Diesel or Electric Power Supply
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38,000kgs WLL, Working Load Limit as Standard

Designed as a quick release tool for multifaceted container handling applications.

Highly reliable  and low maintenance with all major components sealed from contamination.


CRS's New 90 Degree Container Tilter.

Puropsed Designed From the Ground Up

A Simple Solution to a Complexed Problem

CRS's New, Innovative container tilting system for General Purpose, (G.P) Containers receives Standard Patent Certification.

Our new system is not a modified container spreader, it is a new, fully engineered puroose bullt container unloader. 

After a lengthy patent application and review period, CRS is proud take technical ownership another new and innovative system for their container rotating  portfolio of products.

This new system allows standard containers to be rotated 90 degrees for loading and unloading whilst maintaining a central centre of gravity.

This system will focus on products that needs to be completely sealed from the environment such as Urea, Fertilisers and Grains.

The Tiltainer® will work hand in hand with our specially Patented  'Graintainer®' system which will ensure products that need to completely protected from ambient humidity will be fully sealed.

For Further information contact or visit the page on our web site,  via the drop down menu.

Lift and Load in the Vertical Position

Lift and Unload in the Vertical Position

Disconnect form the Container in the Vertical Position.

Duel version for Twin Lift Spreaders

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