Rotainer® News August 2023 - Champaine All Around

109,347 rotations 

38 Tonnes per container 

4,155,186 tonnes

1 (one) machine

2 years

Facts are Facts!.

No global dealer network, no fancy sales techniques, no fancy sales seminars, no incentives, just an honest  and reliable product which offers outstanding valve for money.

This latest CRS download is arguably another World Record in the CBH industry.

What a fantastic return on investment and a 'Win-Win' for the client and the dedicated industry specialists at CRS.

These latest results further consolidates why the Rotainer® brand is the Worlds most popular brand in the CBH industry.

Its easy to see why lesser technically advance players try to bounce of CRS's well respected global reputation of CRS being at the forefront of innovative, container rotation technology.

This particular unit went into service just on 2 years ago and has worked 24/7 ever since.

This new, innovative container rotator design went from concept to completion in just on 16 weeks during 2020.

2023 sees the release of a 40ft version which is now ready for production.

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