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Container Rotation Systems Pty Ltd was the first company to release to the market a heavy duty, rotatable container with hard flat lids with automatic lock Systems back in 2009.

Not Long after, in 2010, we were the first company to introduce Automatic Lid Lifting Systems.

Rotorcon® Containers are designed from the ground up for container rotators. We took a fresh look at what was required as the industry developed.

We do not modify or copy older style containers as many other supplier do. Our systems will offer longevity and reliability  to the client.

CRS Rotorcon® containers have our own, proprietary designed heavy duty, easily replaceable corner pockets.

Our concentrate containers are the only heavy duty container certified for lifting  and rotated by on the 4 top twist locks.  

Various sizes are available with many lock options.

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CSC, CCC, BK2 and all other certifications applicable

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