Rotainer News May 2023-Load and Dump Patent Approved in China

CRS's Innovative Load and Dump

CRS is excited to announce that their innovative, 'Load and Dump' container loading system has had its standard Patent application approved in China.

Patent applications in China are arduous and time consuming at best, nevertheless CRS continues to invent and enhance the Containerised Bulk Handing industry with its load an dump technology.

This system can allow a) loading of open top containers from a ground position or b) can be placed in the ships hold for discharge purposes. 

This unique feature was derived after exhausting workshop developments that sees innovation in our electronic and hydraulic  system which allows the container rotator to tilt up to 90 degrees to allow free access to the container opening for loading. 

This value added option is available on Rotainer Euopsec's with our CRS's, highly successful Patented 180 degree drive system.

Specially designed CRS, Rotainer Containers enhance this forward thinking technology.

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Excavator with Lid Lifting Option

Front End Loader applications

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