Rotainer® News October 2023 - Post Covid Sales Continue

1. October 2023 sees further orders for our highly successful Rotainer® Eurospec MH42.

This will another new model to add to the Rotainer Eurospec portfolio, developed with an optional, automated lid lifting system for 2900mm high, generic style, hi cube containers.

CRS's highly successful, innovative 'Claw' style lid lifting system will be installed with new 2 stage, compact  lid lift cylinders.

2. CRS commissioned a Rotainer® Eurospec 32 R.S in the Historic Port Town of Two Rivers, Canada which is some 150kms for Montreal.

This unit will work on a newly acquired Liebherr MHC and occasionally on Reach Stacker operations.

This will be a Shed to Ship operation and the client elected to utilised CRS's Rotorcon® Heavy Duty containers.

These containers are 1800mm in height, all of CRS's Rotorcon® containers are rated to 38.4 tonnes gross weight.

3. CRS has designed and manufactured a fully automated lid lifting system for shed operations. 

Containers will be lifted into the unit via a Reach Stacker, lids will be removed for loading, once filled and the capacity is confirmed by the weigh scales, the lid will be replaced and the container will be removed and transported to the marshaling area.

Being some 12m in total height, the unit was manufactured horizontally for ease of access.  

CRS engineers worked closely with a specialised which supplier to come up with a innovated single motor duel drum winch system to ensure level lid lifting takes place over the 8 metres of operating range.

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