Rotainer® News April 2023

CRS Container Tippler Reaches New Heights in Productivity

Workshop Testing in Sydney, Australia, prior to dispatch

CRS is delighted to report that their innovative, Static Container Tippler System has now completed 155,000 fully loaded rotations.

At an average of 32 tonnes per container that equates to 4.8 Million tonnes handled by this one unit.

Do the math, hypothetically at $1500 USD per tonne, that's a staggering $7.2 Billion USD of copper concentrate handled by this innovative system unit, further testament to the CRS engineering team forethought and planning.

Some 6 years ago Port Ventanas, one of the largest Chilean copper concentrate export  facilities commissioned CRS to design, construct, deliver and commission a high capacity container tipper discharge system for copper concentrate to cater for large Mining companies such as Codelco, Anglo American etc.

The requirement was for CRS to design a single, high speed container rotator combined with 2 specialised 20ft fixed container spreaders with a dual lifting system to suit all container use in the Chilean region, such as Cronos Half Heights, CSL 3/4 heights and CRS Rotorcon® 1800/2000mm.

A special requirements was that the  unit had to be 'Earth Quake' proof and fully integrated with their new overhead gantry crane, furthermore, must operate manually and automatically.  

Since initial installation only regular maintenance had been required with no major components being changed out.

Currently, CRS is in the early stages of planning a major overhaul of this unit so PVSA can continue with reliable output well into the future. 

CRS's Automation Team after commissioning

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