Rotainer® News March 2024 - Development of more Rotainers

In 2009, the CRS team looked into the future, we thought, where with this journey takes us? What will be required to sustain commercial growth and what variations and options of our Rotainer® brand we should consider?

At that time we designed many concepts and versions of container rotators with suitable containers. 

One such concept examined in 2009 was a 40ft container rotator for 40ft high cube containers.

Over the last 15 yeas we have had numerous enquiries for 40ft units for ships cranes and mobile harbour cranes. Our research indicated that  handling such a large mass of machinery on slewing cranes was not what we wanted to pursue, slower cycle times would not offer efficiencies expected from a 40ft opn top container.

In 2023, an enquiry came in for a 40ft unit to mate with high performance Ship to Shore Cranes.

After an application review, upgrading our our original 40ft design to our highly successful single beam system, both CRS and their client jumped at the chance and history is again made in the Containerised Bulk Handling Industry by CRS with the release of the,

World First 40ft, single beam, fully sealed, 360 degree container rotator for Ship to Shore Cranes.

To be known as the Rotainer Eurospec MH4240 - 40ft/42 Tonnes

It is anticipated this unit will undergo workshop testing early April 2024 to coincide with our 15 year industry celebrations

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2009 - first 40ft container rotator

with early rotatabe container                  

2023 - 40ft concept updated

to CRS Eurospec specifications          

2024 -15 years since our first concept.

Our latest innovative product.

Rotainer Eurospec MH4240

Currently under construction

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