February 2019 - CRS Announces 40ft High Cube System.

CRS is pleased to announce that after significant R & D we are able to release to the global market a 40ft rotating container system purposely designed to cater for industries such as Wood Chip, Bio Mass, Gains and Waste.
The unique ground up approach with  the Patented Design of the Rotorcon container has enabled us to offer to our clients a 2900mm high - 40ft long, fully certified open top container with no internal bracing that is suitable for use with 180 and 360 degree container rotators.

If required we offer hard lids and flexible top cover options.

The 40ft Rotcocon is perfectly mated to our Rotainer Europsec 32's & 38's.

If you have a interest in any of the CRS Container Rotator Systems please do no hesitate to email

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